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May 30 - June 1, 2014
 Columbus, OH

Power eXchange Summit is a 3 day event that embraces all styles of power exchange relationships.

Whether you are
Dom/sub, Master/slave, Owner/property, Taken in Hand or something you've defined yourself, you'll find your relationship is respected and supported at the Power eXchange Summit
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Focusing on classes that come from experience, the PXS presenters are active participants in the entire event.

From nationally recognized names to the best of new presenters, we focus on bringing you people with experience instead of theory.

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This is a PXS original! The "3S's" is an opportunity for service focused people won't find anywhere else. Whether a submissive is traveling alone or simply desires additional service opportunities, this program allows them a safe space to serve at the summit!

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Our social spaces lend themselves to social interactions. Get to know other attendees before and after classes in one of the many comfortable seating alcoves or join a larger group in the main social space.

From our new Cigar Tent, the Fetch Me Coffee Cafe, to our open sitting areas, you'll find plenty of room to relax and get to know fellow power exchange peers.

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Only at PXS you'll find 'Blankey Blank- The PXS Game Show'!

Game Night (Cards Against Humanity to Fluxx)

The second
PXS Poker Tourney

New this year - the
PXS Casino!

And more!

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Another PXS exclusive! The mini summits are your chance to take over the event! Want a class on Jewish Power Exchange, or a discussion of Leather Masters who have multiple slaves? This is your chance to lead it!

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We select vendors based on their reputations and their ability to bring you a wide variety of hand crafted wares

Eventbrite - Power eXchange Summit 2014

Early Bird Rates are only $69! Registration includes all classes, entertainment, and lots more - even a pizza lunch on Sunday

YOUR GROUP OR BUSINESS information could be here - check out the Sponsorship options!
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Circlet Press
Great American Bondage
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The people who are chosen to present at PXS all have one thing in common - they live what they teach. We value not only their skill at being engaging and educational presenters, but that they all have experience in a variety of power exchange relationships.
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Kacie Cunningham
I'm Kacie Cunningham (soon to be Kacie Haven). Master and I have been living together for 7 years and are tying the knot in April! During that time, we've soared to heights I wouldn't have believed possible, and floundered so hard we've nearly given up a time or two. Those are the experiences that led me to write Conquer Me, a book aimed mostly at female submissives/slaves, but also at their Masters/Owners etc. I wanted, so often, a book to guide me in submission, communication, openness ... a book to make me feel like I wasn't alone in my struggles. There was no such book, so I wrote it.
Even now, there are times I pick it up to remind myself, because I gave some pretty good advice in there! Honestly though it's worse when a good friend points out to me that I'm making the very mistakes I caution about lol. I admit, putting yourself out there in the world so publicly is really opening yourself up to your loved ones 'humbling' you when they feel it's necessary.
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I was raised by performance otters in the wilds of Englewood, N.J. before making my way across the world in the pilgrimage to the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI, where I learned to whip ends and carrick bends and become the Twuely Aw-thentic Dominate I now embody.
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Naiia is a masochistic, bottom leaning switch who has been in the public BDSM life for about six years. She started out in rope and while it continues to be something she loves her path seems to be leading her toward D/s and leather. As Graydancer's girl she has been demo bottom, native guide, personal assistant and on-call courtesan and is now adding co-presenter to that list. Naiia has worked at events such as Shibaricon, DO Fusion, MadTownKinkFest and many GRUEs
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Kevin & Katie
alberta, Canada

Kevin and katie have been married and maintained a M/s relationship for 11 years. They haven't won any special titles, but they have survived raising teenagers, full time employment, a total-loss house fire, correcting huge debt, and Alberta winters (-43F as we write this). The most valuable thing they bring to Power Exchange topics is reality. They have years of clinical experience watching what makes couples succeed and what causes them to fail. They lead Power Exchange discussion groups and hear the real struggles faced by real couples. Their presentations are a rollicking mix of humor and honesty – like any good scene, you might not be sure whether it feels good, or you should cry.

We have presented on Power Exchange topics at national events in both Canada and the US. We believe strongly in helping people create, maintain and optimize their relationships. Our goal is to help individuals and relationships grow through proper focus on Things That Really Matter (patent pending).


Kevin is a registered Psychologist in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. He has been helping individuals and couples repair and grow for over 16 years. He taught for the University of Alberta, and regularly presents to corporate and community clients, as well as the kink community.

katie spent 15 years as a Motivation and Life Change presenter, while simultaneously supporting her family through teaching art in her private studio.

One of the best vouches we can offer came from a participant at a recent workshop. She said "you guys seemed like actual people and not the scary dungeon lords that I had conjured up in my mind." How can anything we write about ourselves beat that?

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Mistress Simone

Labels, labels everywhere! Some of those that fit Mistress Simone: sadist,pervert, fetishist, polyamorous, edge player, professional dominatrix, lifestyle educator,published author,geek and kinkster. In April 2008, she was honored to be the first recipient of the Illinois Ms. Leather Pride title.As Ms. International Ms. Olympus 2009, she aimed to help spread the word about leather women and title holding. Her personal passion currently is writing further on female dominance, feminism and
women power issues.She just recently finished "The Toy Bag Guide to Chastity" to be released by Greenery Press in 2014. Mistress Simone has been a lifestyle and professional Domina for
twenty years. Her community service has included the executive directorship of the LRA,Inc., various auctions and fundraisers, GLLA judge 2006 and Illinois Leather Sir and boy 2007 judge,Intl Puppy judge 2012, LA&M volunteer and giving educational discussions throughout the Midwest. She is headmistress of the Chicago branch of ClubFEM,an organization designed for female dommes and male submissives.Owner of The Studio Chicago, a 2,000+ playspace, she is the home space for many community groups, opening her doors in service.


Some of the events she has presented at include Kinky Kollege,COPE,
NELA,Shibaricon,OLF,Dark Odyssey,Fetish Flea,Southeast Leather
Fest,Galleria Domain 2 and DomCon. College lectures include Northwestern
University, Loyola and University of Chicago. Ms Simone has presented on a
variety of topics from fear play to being
a prodomme but has a special love for cbt, medical play and protocol. As
well as the above she is honored to be the titleholder of
International Trainer 2004.
Seeking to expand her knowledge base, she tries to learn something new
from each event, person and encounter she has.

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Master Michael & slave angie
Chicago, IL

We are a Master/slave couple, happily and authentically living the dynamic for ten years. We are honored to have been chosen as International Master and slave 2014. We will be presenting and representing our love for the Master/slave dynamic in 2014 across the world. In addition to that, we are very active in the Chicago and Great Lakes region leather/kink communities. We've presented at MAsT meetings and events, such as the yearly Knights of Leather Tournament in Minneapolis. We've organized events like the panel discussion on Power Exchange Dynamics in Chicago in March of 2013. We serve as officers of the Chicago Leather Club and have been involved in organizing and serving groups and clubs like the Chicago Leathermen's Group and the LRA Chicago - a pansexual BDSM dungeon in Chicago

Ten wonderful years of growth, exploration and fulfillment as Master/slave. We've successfully raised a family, dealt with serious health issues, and faced the natural ebbs/flows and challenges that engaging in a Master/slave dynamic can bring. We've put in a lot of sweat equity into living something that means so much to us, and have found love and happiness in being who we are. Today, we continue to grow, as our path has taken us to explore a more spiritual element, as well as learning to share our experiences to other, teaching when we're asked to. All the while, we continue to learn daily what it means to be a Master/slave, as we never stop exploring the potential within each other and what we have together.
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Daddy Michael & amaia
Tampa, FL
Daddy Michael and his lil girl, amaia, are located right outside the Tampa area. Daddy Michael has been in the lifestyle for over 15 years. During that time he began to search to understand his Daddy Dominant side he found that there was very limited information and knowledge, so he began to educate himself and help others that were interested in finding their inner big/little. The group, "A Little Kinky in Florida," was born.

Daddy Michael is honored to be able to travel and give classes on topics that are his passion, helping others to move forward in their life and relationships as healthy and productive as they want them to be. Daddy Michael has been a judge for the International Power Exchange competition at Beyond Leather 6 and is the Producer for the Florida Power Exchange
competition, that held there first weekend event in September 2013. He is a co founder of a montly fetish party called The Web, that is held in Clearwater, Florida. He has given demos all across the state of Florida. Daddy Michael is very active in his local community and he is the co-founder of a monthly fetish play party called The Web, that meets in Clearwater, Florida.

Amaia. is co-founder of “A ‘Little’ Kinky in Florida”. Amaia is dedicated to understanding what it is to be a lil and educating others about it. Along with her Daddy she enjoys going to events and functions and teaching on topics that help others find the type of life that hope to have. She is an official Fet Life Greeter, very active in her local community and a co founder of a monthly fetish party called The Web. Amaia has been a tally score keeper for the International Power Exchange competition at Beyond Leather 6 and is a co producer for the Florida Power Exchange competition.

The couple has presented at numerous group meetings throughout the state of Florida, as well as Fetish conventions nationally. They are devoted to learning, living and educating the D/lg modality.
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Joe & Mona
Cleveland, OH

Mona and I have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years and we have been together for the last 17 almost 18 years as Master and slave. We started off as a D/s couple but for the past 11 almost 12 years we have been M/s as well as husband and wife. We are Father and mother of 4 adult children and Grandpa and grandma to three wonderful grandsons. Owners of Leather Naturally and Manor Gear. Joe has been a professional educator for over 25 years and has been teaching adult education for the past 5 years. Mona has been in customer service for most of her adult life and is good at helping people find solutions to their problems. We have presented for local events and have been called upon at past events to assist in other classes. After so many years in the lifestyle that has given so much to use we would like to give back.

coming soon
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ms Constance
Louisville, KY
Ms Constance has been actively involved in the BDSM/Leather community since the mid-1990’s.  She is the Founder of the Louisville Munch as well as its hostess for ten years, from 1997 to 2007, and was christened as “Louisville’s First Lady” by her community.  As a member of various BDSM/Leather organizations, she has been nominated for a Pantheon Lifetime Achievement and Woman of the Year awards, and has been nominated with her slave, drew, for Couple of the Year.  She and slave drew hold the titles of Great Lakes Master and slave 2003.
She serves as Special Events Director for the Great Lakes Leather Alliance and produces the Bluegrass Leather Pride Contest in March, which sends contestants to GLLA.  She was Presenters Committee Chair for Leather Leadership Conference 2010 Great Lakes/Ontario, and founded the first MAsT chapter in Kentucky, MAsT: Derby City. 
She has produced a performance by a BDSM comedian and groups around the country use her writings in information and introductory packets.  She has presented at events around the country and judged state, regional and international contests.  She is a columnist for Safeword Magazine and a contributor to Chicago Den.  Her blog, Ms Constance Explains, can be found at
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Master Doug and Slave Lori
We are a Master/slave couple that has the spice of cuckqueaning added in. We live our relationship 24/7 as we believe just like being a parent you never really take that hat off. Master has led me down a path where we have found our contentment. We believe that our a M/s relationship should be sustainable. That means the pleasure out weighs the effort it takes. We believe in fun but not at the expense of one another. We also believe both of us have power Master however Master has the authority.
Check back as more presenters are confirmed...


Lifting with your knees
Master Doug & slave lori
Ever wonder how housework and trying to please your dominant could actually hurt your power exchange? Yes, Virginia, it is possible. In this class, we will discuss some of the ways we can strengthen our power exchange relationships and learn to be active in our submission and bring joy to our dominants without stealing power from them. This class will be helpful to both sides of the slash in learning how building up a positive attitude can lead to empowering both sides to live a more dynamic power exchange. This class will draw upon the experiences of all present and hopefully begin a dialogue between the participants in order to facilitate a new understanding of how seemingly innocuous behavior can cause harm in a power exchange.
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Introducing Rituals into the Relationship
Mistress Constance
Rituals comfort, inspire and satisfy us emotionally. Everyone performs rituals on a daily basis, whether they recognize them or not. The purpose of this presentation is to recognize the rituals that are already in use and suggest more that can be incorporated into a relationship. Different kinds of rituals and their purposes will be covered, as well as public rituals and private ones. Also covered are reasons rituals are suspended and how to reintroduce them, as well as the emotional effect of rituals. Audience participation is encouraged, including talking about the kinds of rituals used and the purpose they accomplish in different relationships.
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Cuckqueaning?!? Going Down the rabbit does this work in a power exchange relationship
Master Doug & slave lori
Ever wonder how or why someone would want to be cucked? Have you ever dreamed of cucking someone? What does being cucked feel like? How about doing the cucking what is that like? Ever been interested in being the third in the relationship? All this and more (whispers chastity) will be touched upon in the class. It been a very long time since I have kissed Master and might not ever get to again. Want to know why? See you there.......
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Male Submission 101
Mistress Simone
Ok, so you found a boy who you desire to train. Now what? This demo covers some of the basic concepts of male submission from cbt to training positions. Ms Simone will share her insights from 20 years as a lifestyle and professional Mistress. She will show you how to develop control of the male submitting to you from different perspectives such as sensual, maternal and strict. A variety of male sub genres will be discussed such as sissies, cuckolds, pain sluts, crossdressers, sexual slaves and service boys. One of her goals is to enable the feminine audience to tap their feminine wiles, goddess energy and female eroticism to enhance the connection between them and their males. While this class focuses on the female dominant/male submissive dynamic, all who are interested in learning more about the femme domme mystique are welcome to attend. OpenQ/A's are encouraged throughout.
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Transparency in an M/s Relationship
Mistress Constance
Transparency is a popular term, but what does it really mean? How much transparency is too much, how much is not enough? How does a slave know what needs to be told, how does a Master know when something isn’t being said? And finally, how much transparency does a Master owe to the slave? Communication is one of the cornerstones of power exchange relationships, learn how to use transparency to strengthen and deepen your relationships
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Being a Dominant Woman: Thoughts and Reflections
Mistress Simone
Within this lecture/discussion, Mistress Simone will attempt to remove the veil surrounding our lifestyle;s most elusive and unknown creature : the female dominant. In approaching the dominant woman, protocol should be stressed. Mistress Simone will cover the what protocol and procedures are best used to communicate with a Mistress.
Topics touched upon in this lecture may include:
*What we look for in a submissive.
*Immediate turnoffs and turn ons.
*The top ten subbies and why their approach does or doesn't work.
*Guidelines for engaging in a proper introduction to the domme.
*What gets our attention in a positive manner.

While the class is geared towards the female dominant/male submissive dynamic,all are welcome to attend. Many of the protocol covered is fluid for genders. See what you can do to please your domina and how to get your needs met as well. All are welcome to come take a peek into a female domme's mind.
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Vulnerability & Intimacy in D/s Relationships
There is a lot of focus on trust in D/s relationships, but there's another quality that is necessary for intimacy: the discomfort and risk of vulnerability for both sides of the power exchange. Can you risk being all of yourself, even the parts that you aren't proud of? Can you still believe your partner will love you even after they know you? Authenticity carries risk. This class explores some of the barriers to intimacy, including things we often substitute for the scary feeling of "being in the mess together". Drawing on the work of experts on vulnerability such as Brené Brown as well as hard-learned personal experience, Gray and Naiia lead the discussion of how to take the plunge and fully realize the potential of an intimate D/s relationship
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Power Exchange Scenes - How to add Energy and Intensity
Kevin & Katie
Hang on! PXS doesn't have "play" related classes and yet here is one about scenes? What's going on?
Kevin and katie will -not- be teaching you to swing a flogger. This 2 part workshop is about the Power Exchange elements that can be nurtured and highlighted during your regular "play" sessions. They help you tune-in to the Power Exchange opportunities and learn to enhance the Power Exchange connection within your own play style.
Kevin and katie will give you suggestions for new skills to create a deeper connection with your partner. Those just beginning to add Power Exchange to their scenes will get great "starter" ideas. They will also describe techniques that are more complex and can take years to create. There will be a lot of discussion, some demonstrations, and several chances to practice on your partner! Bring your partner (or someone who has agreed to team up with you) and be ready to try some new experiences. Those without a partner are also encouraged to attend and participate.

***Note - this is a two part session, taught back to back with a break in between***
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Long Distance D/s
For the first several years of their D/s relationship, Graydancer and Naiia lived across the country from each other. They developed several techniques for maintaining intimacy over the distance, as well as opportunities for service, for sexual enjoyment, and built the foundations for the current Very Close D/s relationship they enjoy. They will explain the how's and why's and the principles behind them, so that you can apply them to your own relationship and leverage the power of distance to paradoxically increase your intimacy
Stacks Image 7271
Self-Discipline before Discipline: What makes you fit to lead or follow?
Kevin & Katie
Being in charge of another person is a big job. Most of us are mediocre at keeping ourselves on track, let alone leading another. Submissives are disciplined by another and yet sometimes struggle to discipline themselves. Both Dominants and submissives can grow in their roles, and also in their overall happiness and success.
Stacks Image 7479
Navigating Low Tides (The ebbs/flows in a M/s relationship)
Master Michael & angie
As we sail along in the journey of our relationships, one day we may realize it's been six months since we've felt the current of our dynamic. We may not be able to remember the last time we've had an evening of intimate protocol or even a simple night out! Masters and slaves, Dominants and submissives, we all can get stuck in low tides and it can be very tough to navigate the relationship out of them.
This class will cover:
* What low/high tides are
* How low tides can affect a relationship
* Lessons learned in how to navigate through a low tide
Master Michael and slave angie like to conduct this class as a guided discussion to encourage participants to share their experiences and ask questions. Throughout the class, Master Michael and slave angie will share their own personal experiences from ten years together. It is their goal that by sharing and learning from each other, the class can begin to chart their own courses out of the low tides
Stacks Image 7375
Coping with Health Issues/Disabilities in a Master/slave Dynamic
Master Michael & angie
A slave who loves to take care of her Master, her M/s, Leather and Kink communities with fervor and zest. A Master who explores life to the fullest whether on a motorcycle or hiking in the mountains and deserts or getting involved with the local leather clubs. When the onset of lupus became a life-changing event for the slave;; when the Master realized that his lifelong struggles with communication and social interaction were a sign of Aspergers;; both realized that their dynamic would take some interesting twists and turns.
The class will cover:
* How health issues/disabilities can affect a dynamic
* Some suggestions on keys for coping
* Other considerations for taking care of parties involved in the dynamic long-term
Master Michael and slave angie will share how illnesses and disabilities have affected their M/s relationship and their ongoing discoveries in keeping their dynamic intact and growing. Michael and Angie like to conduct this class as a guided discussion to encourage participants to share their experiences and ask questions.
Stacks Image 7687
The Big/little Dynamic: Coloring outside the lines
amaia & Daddy Michael
This class explores the dynamic of the Big/lg modality. General observations of what it means to be a Big and a little are presented and discussed. We discuss different complexities that arise in this dynamic, as well as how it is similar and different to other D/s dynamics. We tackle the most often asked questions of the D/lg dynamic. This class is great for those that already find themselves in a B/lg dynamic as well as those that want to have a better understanding of the little in their play space
Stacks Image 7583
Monogamy in a Poly World
Joe & Mona
Only want to be with your Master or slave? Wish folks would stop asking you to “join” them? We’ll talk about our relationship and how being committed in a monogamist M/s relationship has survived in a heavy poly world
Stacks Image 7791
D/lg 201
amaia & Daddy Michael
So you've decided that living the D/lg (Big/little) dynamic is one that suits you in one form or another. So now what? This class will dive into specific areas that can be bumps in the road, dealing with emotional vulnerability as well as walking that balance of being a nurturing dominant. The class will combine group discussion as well as a break out time for Bigs and littles to talk separately

Stacks Image 7895
Humor in the Relationship
Joe & Mona
Isn’t this supposed to be fun? We will talk about how humor has kept us together through the years and how it’s gotten us through both the good times and the worst of times and how we even use it in the play space
Stacks Image 8105
Rebuilding Trust (in 7 very difficult steps)
kacie Cunningham
Description pending
Stacks Image 6647
Lovekink Bank and Trust
kacie Cunningham
A relationship is like a bank account ... if more goes out than in, things start to fall apart. This class is designed to make it easy to recognize when this is happening in a relationship and provide coping strategies for addressing the problem.
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Dan & dawn

In charge of emptying the trash cans and stuff. You can find out more about Dan & dawn here
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Karen is a co-producer of Beyond The Love, Polyamory Summit and Co-Chair of Poly Columbus, a poly community support group. She has lived poly for several years and currently has two partners – Dan, her significant other of over 7 years, and Chris, her boyfriend of over 4 years. Karen’s relationship dynamics involve power exchange from an ancillary level and she is intimately familiar with the lifestyle. She has facilitated poly discussion groups and classes at alternative lifestyle events and is an experienced speaker/facilitator in the arena of effective communications and relationship dynamics. Karen is proud to serve the community through several staff positions with local lifestyle events including PXS. In “real time” Karen is a Human Resources professional with a degree in Psychology. She has two grown children, a cat and is raising a puppy together with Dan and dawn.
Stacks Image 4877

Master Eric

Master Eric is in a 24/7 M/s relationship and co-founded MAsT: Greater Cleveland in 2011. Eric serves as current MAsT chapter president. With his slave amber they established MAsT: Greater Cleveland as an education, support and resource group for individuals involved in, or interested in Master/slave relationships.

MAsT: Greater Cleveland provides an opportunity and forum for like-minded individuals to come together for discussion of issues that concern Masters and slaves, to share ideas and gain and/or share knowledge of the M/s & similar power exchange relationships.  amber, who has been in the lifestyle for several years and been involved in many things, is also the co-founder of The Central Ohio Rope Group or AKA: CO_RG which is currently an active rope group in Columbus today

Together Eric & amber share a passionate zest for life and enjoy sharing with others their experience and knowledge from the lifestyle.
Stacks Image 4887

Master Rick

Master Rick is co-director of MAsT:Columbus, and Founder of Clan Hirune, a power exchange based tribe. He and His kitten live a 24/7 power-exchange lifestyle, enjoy presenting at events and traveling
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Master Sheri

Some know her as good Sheri; either way, you will always get a big smile, and a big hug.  She is a transplant from LA and lives this lifestyle 24/7, although un-partnered at this time.  Mistress Sheri  is part of House Metta, a Leather tribe, and has responsibility as Major Domo.  

She is also a co-founder of MAsT-Columbus,  on the Board of Directors for ClubFem-Columbus, a member in good standing with NLA-Columbus, AIS, OLS, as well as a friend to many more; believing it’s all about Community. Sheri is an animal lover, a wanna be gourmet cook, one who likes the ocean or a stream, a big fan of Geocaching - a love of a glass of wine, a movie, play, a concert, or a good book
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jodie is slave to Master Kari, a member of House Dharma and a member of Clan Hirune.  She is active in the Columbus, Ohio kinky community and has served as a volunteer for many local events.  This is her second year on staff for PXS. She loves the world of Power Exchange and her role of service in it.
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coming soon
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slave bat

bat is thriving in her power exchange relationship; she is collared to Dan and is being mentored by dawn. When not working or spending time with her family, she enjoys and organizes events, often attending them with a camera in hand and a plan up her sleeve.

bat is polyamorous and active in the local community; she belongs to several local groups and co-leads one based on her love of thrifting and antiquing. Because she is an educator and happiest when facilitating, bat is grateful for the opportunity to assist the Co-Directors with this year’s Power eXchange Summit.
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talina has extensive experience in wrangling gaggles of friendly volunteers. She’s well known for her special “You did it right!” gifts, and for creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness and fun.

Never volunteered before? No problem…busting cherries is talina’s specialty. She promises to make your volunteer experience memorable, enjoyable, and an activity you’re sure to want to repeat.

Ready to sign up? Great!! Click here to learn about available volunteer opportunities.
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Goddessy has been kinky, well, as long as she has been sexual! Long active in the arts & women’s community, she is excited to add her erotic energies to the Summit, as well as the Columbus kink community. She is a wickedly sensual, predominately dominant, polyamorous, queer femme; in an open relationship with her beautiful partner of 20 years and delicious lover of 3 years.

Goddessy is a passionate visual, spoken word and performance artist~whether whispering into your ear or screaming across the stage, she delights in awakening the sacred sexual deep inside each of us.
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Mr. T

Mr. T is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma with a tall, slender build and a dashing personality. (And one heck of a moustache!) He is a font of useless and random information and will gladly engage people in a "we can build that" hypothetical type of conversation at any time. He enjoys dark beers, mild cigars and the love of his wife, Shan-Wow.
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Sham Wow

Shan-Wow is curently a board member of her home group Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles (LAL) and Kinky Indiana Slaves & Submissives (KISS) in the Indianapolis area. She is a super organized kind of gal helping to bring in new and exciting educators to her area thru these groups. She is also a budding bootblack, who's focus is on restoration, and the shorter, more voluptious half to Mr. T.
Event Rules
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Event Rules

This PXS Event is open to adults, 19 years old (on the first day of the event) or older. A valid government issued ID is required for entrance and registration to any PXS Event or Party.
NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions.

Drug & Fireams Policy
No illegal drugs, illegal substances and/or firearms may be brought into the Event Space. Anyone who is noticeably affected by either alcohol or drugs will be refused admittance or asked to leave by the PXS Staff.

No real animals of any kind are permitted in any area of the Event.

Armbands & badges
All attendees of the PXS event will be required to wear an armband and name badge at all times.

Attire/Clothing/Dress Code
All attendees must dress in a both a "street legal" and appropriate manner when not in the PXS areas of the hotel. If you have to ask if something is inappropriate - it probably is. During the Event, within the Social Area, there will be an area with a clothes rack and hangers, to allow you to change into whatever you want to wear. However, other hallways, the parking lot, the hotel lobby, hotel resturant, hotel swimming pool, local businesses/restaurants, etc... are not part of the event and vanilla behavior and attire are required. Security will prevent you from leaving the event space until covered appropriately. This includes not wearing leashes in public areas.

Please refrain from behaviors that interfere with the presenters' classes or another's enjoyment of this event. If you feel you are the subject of rude, inappropriate or nonconsensual behavior, please notify PXS Staff immediately.

Cellular Phones & Electronics
If you must carry a cell phone, keep it on silent or vibrate during the event. Cell phones are to be used in designated spaces only. Cameras on cell phones are not to be used at all during event, and if used, the offender will be ejected from the event.

PXS is going to provide space in our 'coffee shop' where you can feel free to use your smart phone, laptop, or table - and have a cup of java to boot

Damage to the Hotel
Please be cautious of Hotel property - to include hotel structures, walls, furniture, appliances, fixtures, etc. You will be held personally responsible for any and all damage that occurs as a direct or indirect result of your actions. Report any such damage to the PXS staff.

Please bring any emergencies (medical or otherwise) to the immediate attention of a PXS Staff member.

This is a Power Exchange event – meaning there are various forms of protocol depending on the persons. Mutual respect is the standard. Please utilize the golden rule - "treat others as you would like to be treated" in a similar situation. If you are not sure of someones protocol, be polite and respectful when asking.

Gender Policy
PXS is committed to being an inclusive, safe, welcoming and positive space for people of any gender orientation or sexual preference. The entire event is classified as pansexual and "all gender friendly". Please respect everyone's gender self-identification. If you are not sure about how someone prefers to be referred to, ask politely.

Hotel Staff & Public Areas
Hotel staff are not part of the event, and may be offended by open displays of sexuality or kink. Please treat them as vanillas with courtesy and respect. Please do not display or "test" toys - floggers, whips, other implements of WIITWD outside of the PXS Area. Please be respectful of the hotel staff and help us to give them a reason to bring us back next year.

Illegal Activities
Anything that is against the law in the state of Ohio, or the USA, is still illegal in the PXS Event Areas and the host hotel. This includes solicitation, prostitution, negotiation of payment for play or sexual services, use or sale of illegal substances, etc.. Furthermore, even though not illegal, there are no firearms allowed within the confines of PXS Events. The Power Exchange Summit will not knowingly admit to the event any individual who has been convicted of a sexual crime and/or is a registered sex offender in any jurisdiction.

Lost & Found
If you have found an item that is not yours, please drop it off at the registration desk. If you have lost an item, please check the registration area at regular intervals.

Photography Policy
There will be a photographer as a vendor. This photographer will be taking kinky commissioned portraits as well as event pictures. There is no other photography with the exception of the staff photographer permitted in the Event space. This policy extends to any form of electronically or film recorded media. Confidentiality is imperative and allows for events like this to be safe spaces for people who are attending the event.

Safety and discretion of the event participants is paramount. If this is jeopardized, the offending person will be immediately ejected from the event and banned from further PXS events or functions. These rules apply to everyone.

Smoking areas
There is No Smoking inside the indoor event area or hotel rooms. There is an event smokers tent available on the hotel property. These area indicated on your event maps inside the brochure. Ohio law prohibits smoking in the common areas of the hotel.

Tickets, Refunds & Transfers
No one will be permitted, under any circumstances, to enter the PXS Event area without a previous registration. There are no ticket sales, exchanges, refunds, substitutions, etc.. at the event site by anyone for any reason. Refunds (for 60% of the purchase price) will be given until May 1rst, 2014. After May 1rst, 2014 there will be no refunds offered. Registration transfers are prohibited and will not be allowed for any reason.

Vending from cars, hotel rooms, hallways, hotel lobby or other event/hotel locations is not permitted and unauthorized vendors will be removed from the event and hotel properties. Only approved PXS vendors may sell anything on the hotel property the weekend of the event and only from the vendor areas. (Presenters with books must make arrangements with PXS vendor coordinator)

PXS reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason

Submissives Seeking Service
A Power eXchange Summit Original!
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*Submissives Seeking Service* is an opportunity for submissives, slaves, pets, and all other service orientated people to have a chance to - in a safe, controlled and comfortable environment- be in service to people at the event.

Lead by Master Griffin and slave ann, interested people will first be given an orientation and a clear set of guidelines on how they can get the feeling of being in service - or excuse themselves out with no hassle at any point. This is a great opportunity for people new to service, people who might be solo at this event and miss the sense of being in service, or those that have been around for awhile and want a new challenge.

May 30th - June 1st in Columbus, OH!

Power eXchange Summit
Friday May, 30 through June 1, 2014
Columbus OH

Join the celebration!

Meet nationally known presenters, attend classes that focus on your style of relationship, and interact in a number of ways with your peers from across North America. Plus prizes, contest, game shows, poker, casino night, and much more!

Registration starts at $69 for Early Bird tickets (standard ticket sales begin 3/29 @ $79)
Eventbrite - Power eXchange Summit 2014

Cost for complete event


Special Registration Packages
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PXS Takeover Package $700

Make PXS your event! You will receive:
TEN tickets to the event this year plus a Private class with the presenter of your choice!
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VIP Supporter Package $500

VIP Package! You will receive:
-Two tickets to the event this year
-VIP Seating at all ceremonies,entertainment, and gathers (excludes classes)
-Invitations to the VIP Social, including a fantastic dinner
-Private meal with the presenter of your choice!
Special Vendor Registration Package
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Purple & Gold Package - $1,000

Want to help PXS in a big way and gain maximum exposure?

In exchange for $1000 Sponsorship Donation, sponsor will receive:

  • 4 weekend passes to event
  • Full back page of the event program book
  • A 10x10 vendor booth for your group/business for vending
  • Public thank you at the Opening Ceremony
  • A generous PXS 'thank you' at all event ceremony gatherings
  • Listed on event front page of website, including your groups description, logo, and links
  • Freedom to hang business banners
  • We'll will include your postcards or 8"x11" data sheets about your event or advertisement in our run bags

To purchase a special registration package, click here or email us at

Host Hotel

Book your room by 5/19/13 to get the special rate!
After you register for the event, you'll be given information about how you can register your hotel room at our new upscale event location for $99.95 per night.

We believe that your stay in the host hotel is important to your overall enjoyment of our event.

We found a host hotel that is happy to have us there and that has catered to our requirements to make this the best PXS ever!

*click for more*

~ PRIVATE event space (no other hotel guests in our event space)

~ Fascinating hotel with interesting architecture!

~ Friendly and
supportive staff!

~ Indoor pool

~ Free WiFi

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*click for more*
~ Spacious rooms that combine comfort & functionality.

~ High-speed Internet access.

~ Functional work desk with speakerphone & ergonomic chairs.

~ Enjoy plush bedding with crisp linens and thick mattresses

~In-room amenities include iron/ironing board, hairdryer and cable TV and pay-per-view movies.